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Blackjack is a game that uses a standard deck of cards, with all cards showing a face being of the value 10. Aces can be used in the game as 11 or 1. For instance, if a player makes 22 with an Ace (11), they can use the Ace at the value of 1 and hit/stick. Other cards in the game are worth their face value; the 5 of spades, is worth 5. Cards are always shuffled back into the standard deck after a hand has finished.

The aim of the game is to beat the dealer, but not go over 21. 21 is the maximum value and anything over this amount will be considered bust and the dealer wins. If the dealer matches the amount of the player (over 17), then it will be consider to be a push. If the dealer draws to 16, he must draw another card. The aim for the dealer is to be 17 or above, but not over 21, beating the amount that the player holds.

Most casinos will consider a push (where the dealer and player have the same) to be a refund on the initial bet. Players that manage to get an Ace along with another face card to make 21 will hit Blackjack. This will signify a win automatically in most casinos. In others a push will be considered a loss and Blackjack will only be a win if the dealer does not get 21.

The dealer always has to draw if their cards values are totalled below 16. They will continue to draw and only stick when they are at 17 or above. The dealer can easily bust and then the player will automatically win, regardless of what they have. Players can easily beat the dealer by playing a game of strategy based on what cards of already been drawn.

Players that are looking to play Blackjack need to understand that they are playing the dealer. They should take into account the first card the dealer has and the cards they are dealt with to determine what will happen next. Players that have some experience will be able to use the drawn cards to determine what may or may not happen next which can actually help to increase their win percentage. Even so, this game is still a game of odds and one where the house still has the edge.

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