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Obviously these free bonuses might seem too good to be true. Players can not just deposit, get their deposit bonus and then withdraw the cash. Online casinos have set wager requirements which mean players have to play a certain amount before they can leave. There are ways to try and get above and beyond the wagering requirements fairly easily.

Hedging your bets

Hedging is something that players can use to quickly meet the wagering requirements. For instance, if the casino offers games like roulette, then this could be perfect. They can bet half their bonus on black and then half on red in one spin. With the wager in place the casino odds to beat both bets are just 0.5%. Of course, there are a lot of casinos which will not allow players to do this to achieve their wagering bonus requirements. Check before hand, as some new casinos will allow it.

Low-Edge Games

Players can look for games that have a low house edge. This means that the chances of the house winning are smaller in comparison to another game. This will give players a chance to wager their cash a number of times with a low risk rate.

Funding an Account

Players that are thinking about playing in the future should think about their current balance. A lot of casinos will put a time limit on when the bonus can be obtained. For instance, they might make a rule that the wagering requirements have to be met within 30 days. An under funded account would not allow a player to do this and they would lose out on free money! Luckily, the duration of the requirement is usually big enough for players to re-deposit if they need to.

Sticky Bonus Games

A lot of casinos mention in the small print that their bonuses are sticky. These bonuses are ones that can not be taken out of the account, so players should never see them as a profit. These types of bonuses are not exactly the best ones to achieve, but they certainly do help. Players can use these bonuses to help boost a bank roll and it at least means that they will have a funded account to play with rather than an underfunded account. A lot of players find that they can play on a high risk basis and withdraw the extra cash they win, which is ideal.

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