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Most casino software is offered to players in a non-downloadable format and also a download format. They both have advantages and disadvantages.

Frequent gamblers tend to prefer the downloadable versions of casino software in comparison to the non downloadable versions. Generally, the flash (non-downloadable) games will not be as high quality and they can be subject to connectivity issues which can slow down game play. Players like to use the downloadable version as this tends to offer better connectivity and offers players the chance to make the most of any extra features that the software provider has on offer.

Some of the crucial advantages of downloadable casino software have been listed below:

  • Higher quality graphics and sound effects.
  • More options and features for players to choose from.
  • Much higher quality game-play and animated features.
  • Far superior in terms of connectivity.
  • More interactive user interface.
  • Much more user friendly.
  • Short and easy installation procedure which takes a matter of minutes.
  • Downloadable updates to improve the platform in general.

Players that really want to obtain the best experience when it comes to online casinos should certainly steer towards the downloadable versions of the game. Thousands of players are already taking advantage of the high quality software distributed by the best casino developers in the world; and so can you!

The downloadable versions of the software are not without their disadvantages though. One of the main disadvantages of online casino software is that players will generally require much more space on their hard disk. 250MB is usually the minimum requirement and remember; players need to use the computer that the software is installed on.

Flash technology is something that players will experience when looking at the non-downloadable versions. These can be used using any form of browser, but they will require some time of plug in related to Flash technology in order for players to benefit from all features.

Some of the most important advantages of non-downloadable software have been mentioned below:

  • No obligation to play from one computer; players can play from any computer.
  • Most popular web browsers will support the game (Internet Explorer and Mozilla for instance).
  • Offers players the chance to play their favourite casino games from any location across the globe. Players can still access all of their account information if necessary by logging into their personal account.

The problem is that non-downloadable versions of casino software have a lot of disadvantages. These include things like they depend on a high connection speed, they offer less in terms of user experience (lower quality graphics for instance) and they can have a lot of connection issues.

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