The key to success in gambling is to have fun...

Most of the good online casinos will offer their players the chance to play in two different ways. They allow players to use both the free money and real money versions to ensure they can play even when they do not have a big balance.

Free Money Mode

The free money variation of online casino games was created for a few reasons. To start with, it offers players the chance to determine whether the game in question is really for them. They can have hands on experience and determine if the games really suits their needs.

Not only this, but players can see if their computer system is up to the job. A lot of casinos run high quality graphics and interactive user interfaces. Not all computers will run them and the free money version of a game is a quick way to determine if their computer will operate it or not.

Finally, there is the issue of new players not knowing the setup of the game. The free money version of games allows players to quickly become acquainted with the game play. This helps players to avoid any costly mistakes during their game play.

Real Money Mode

Players that want to jump straight in at the deep end can start playing the real money version of a game almost instantly. This gives them the chance to win (but also lose) money in their own currency. Some players might find themselves playing regularly, having no idea of what they have won or lost. This is where the financial statements become useful. They allow players to see their financial position relating to online casinos.

The reality is that the real play online casino games pay out around 15% higher than land based games. One thing that is worth noting though, is the fact that real money and free money have the same odds. A lot of players assume just because they have had an unlucky streak that the free money version pays out much more to persuade players to play on in the real money version; this is not true.

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