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Players that want to get started online with have a great range of bonuses to obtain. Almost all casinos offer some kind of bonus for new account holders. Each casino will offer with a deposit bonus or a bonus that is based on depositing nothing but still getting some free cash. There are pros and cons of each bonus which are worth taking into account.

First off, looking at the free or no deposit type bonuses, we can see some advantages and disadvantages. The reality is that these bonuses do not tend to provide players with much in terms of money. Most casinos will offer players somewhere in the region of $5, with some casinos offering as high as $30 for free. Remember though; this cash is completely free!

A lot of casinos do this as they are essentially offering players the chance to experience their casino. Players can get to see what the game play and features are like and decide whether that casino is really for them. Of course, do not expect to just withdraw the bonus, as there will usually be terms and conditions with wagering requirements and some casinos never let players withdraw any type of bonus anyway!

There are no deposit bonuses that are available for players to withdraw. The problem is though is that they have wagering requirements attached to them. A lot of casinos will put a wagering requirement of 100 times the initial bonus. So on a $10 bonus, players will need to wager over $1,000 of bets before they can cash out what is left. Casinos want players to sign up and play regularly, not just take their money and run.

Here is another thing a lot of online casino players do not take into account with no deposit type bonuses. Players will usually be required to play certain games. Players that want to play video poker or blackjack are probably going to be out of luck. The house wants the big edge so will only allow players to play games that offer no real input; like slot machines for instance.

A lot of people think that for the reasons mentioned above, a lot of the time there is not really any point claiming the bonus. This is certainly not true, as it gives players a small chance to win big and they have nothing to lose. Players can bet the maximum they have in terms of free money until they clear the wager, so they either lose (money that they have not paid for) or win big.

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