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Casinos that are land based have been around for many years, but online casinos are something completely different. They have been around since 1995, thanks to an online gaming group called Internet Casinos, Inc.

Online gaming has been a difficult market for many to break into. The initial online casino had just 18 games, with players enabled access to the likes of the National Indian Lottery. The problem was that gaming was considered to be illegal in the USA, so this site in particular had to find a loop hole.

They managed to get the job done by positioning the site in the Turks and also the Caicos Islands. Even though many players were US based, this allowed the site to bypass any current legislation.

Other online casinos soon followed suit. Names such as Interops Casinos, Sports Book and The Gaming Club all started offering online gaming solutions. With so many casinos opening over the last few years, a lot of players struggle to pick the best. A good way to find a great casino is to search through reviews. Remember; online casinos tend to offer superior odds in comparison to land based ones.

Online casinos soon became a favourable option for a lot of people. Not only could they obtain the best odds, but they could also access instant customer support as well. There were some minor security faults to begin with, but these soon got cleared up. Of course, this led to what we know as the online casino phenomenon.

The online casino industry continues to grow year on year. Players are able to play their favourite games online and cash in on real time play using fast internet connections. This creates cash for service providers, their affiliates and of course; the players. The industry creates roughly $49 billion in world wide income every single year!

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