The key to success in gambling is to have fun...

Gambling can be a great experience, but it is important to set limits and ensure that gambling does not take over ones life. Remember, this is not a job, its just some fun and is not a way to get rich!

1. Always Gamble For Fun!

Always bear in mind that gambling is a fun activity. People that start to look at gambling as a way to consistently make money are likely to go on an emotional rollercoaster and lose in the long run. Some people win big by chance, but others lose thousands, so always bear this in mind!

2. Always think about what you could lose

Always think about the amount of money you can afford to lose. If you get paid $2,000 a month and have $300 spare after going out with friends and paying bills that is the maximum you can spend. The value of what you can afford is certainly not $2,000 a month!

3. Always set a betting limit

Before starting a session set a limit that ensures that you do not end up betting thousands. Once a player has gone beyond their limit, they should stop straight away, without any questions.

4. Always watch the time

Do not spend hours and hours on gambling websites. Instead think about how much free time that is available and budget some for relaxation and some for gambling.

5. Always cut your losses

Chasing losses is something that many gamblers do. They lose $10 so bet $20 to try and win it back. Before they know it they are betting and losing, hundreds of dollars. If you lose, you lose, cut your losses and start fresh!

6. Always have a stable mind

When gambling, players should always ensure that emotion is not swaying a decision. Gambling when depressed for instance, is not wise.

7. Always do other activities

Do not spend all free time gambling. Instead get involved with things that do not involve gambling.

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