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Video poker is something that more and more players are deciding to get involved with. This is a game that has a much lower house edge than a lot of other games, allowing players to have the chance of winning big. The great thing about video poker is that that a player can use anything from 1 to 5 coins with their bet and wait for their five cards. Players can choose which cards to ditch and which ones to keep. The video poker machine will add new cards to make a hand and will payout based on the hand that the player has.

Video poker comes in a huge variety of styles nowadays, with more and more developers developing new versions on a daily basis. Each version includes a different format which allows people to play in a different way. Common things to see during video poker are the likes of wild cards, bonuses for getting hands such as four of a kind and even different payouts depending on the particular machine.

Players have the chance to increase their profits by looking into the odds of different hands and cards, which means strategy really does come into player. Players that are really about winning can use analysis programs to ensure that their win percentage is extremely high. Picking the right machine is equally as important. Players that pick a random machine and do not really play with any type of real structure are likely to be the losers in the long run and have no chance of profiting from online video poker.

There are basic strategies that players can use for all video poker games:

  • Do not hold cards that are inside straights as they can be completed with just one card.
  • Holding outside straights (can be completed two ways) offers players twice the chance of wining.
  • The only three straight cards that should be held are King, Queen and Jack.
  • Cards that are three to a flush should not be held unless they have the potential to make a straight flush as well.
  • Do no hold a pair or a kicker when three of a kind is present. Use the pair or three of a kind rather than trying to make another pair with the kicker.

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