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Alot of casino games are down to chance and do not really require any kind of strategy; roulette for instance. A game where people can influence winnings is Blackjack, so have a look into possible strategies that could be used to win.

Players that are just starting out with Blackjack need to take into account the basics. The 52 card deck will contain 16 cards that have a value equal to ten, which is 30% of the whole deck. In Blackjack, the dealer will deal using eight decks in total, so there are 128 cards cards with a value of ten. This is one of the reasons that Blackjack can be a game of strategy.

The aim is to try and determine the next cards to be pulled from the deck. Look at where the next card is going to go and it can completely change the game play. Players can quickly assume based on odds which cards will be coming out and what their chances are winning are. For example, if the dealer is holding 14 and there have not been any cards to the value of ten for a while, then the chances are that the dealer will go bust.

Here is the thing; you could pull a card as you may be sitting with 9 for instance. But taking the card that has a value of ten (based on odds), the next card may be low enough for the dealer to beat you anyway. A good decision here would be to stick on 9 and try and make the dealer go bust.

Different players play in different ways, it is down to personal preference and strategy.

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