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Craps is a casino table game that is alot more complex than alot of the others around. For this reason, alot of new players find themselves getting confused. Once craps players are experienced, it can be extremely rewarding.

The reality is that there are casino games out there that are much easier to understand. For instance, the likes of Blackjack and Roulette are both games that players can quickly pick up on. The great thing about craps is that the house has an extremely low edge, which is what persuades alot of people to start playing in the first place. The good thing about craps is that players that are paying attention can pick up some great wins. All players need to do is get rid of the low value bets and keep the good ones. For example, if a player gets a seven, then the casino will get nearly a 17% edge on the player, so it should be dropped.

The easiest bet to understand for someone that has just started craps is the Pass Line bet. Alot of players on a craps table will be choosing this bet, so it is an easy place to start. After this bet has been made, players will quickly become aquainted with all of the other bets that are available to them.

The Pass Line bet is fairly self explanatory. Players simply need to put their wager on the part of the table that says “Pass Line. Players can put their bet on this at any time in the game and it gives them a great statistical chance of winning. The come out roll is what players will be looking for. This is the black market on the table that says “Off”. A 7 or an 11 will signify a win for the player at even money and 2, 3 or a 12 will signify that the bet has been lost and the game play will start all over again.

Sometimes the shooter will obviously land on another number and this will become the point for the dealer. The dealer will place a marker on this point on the table and this will remind players that this is the new point. Remember, this does not mean that the bet originally placed has been lost. The thing is though, the shooter needs to hit the point number first and then hit a seven. The chances of winning have been reduced as if the dealer shoots a seven before the point then they will not pay out to the player and the bet is lost.

The great thing about this type of bet is that the house edge is extremely low, standing at just 1.41%, which is alot lower than games like roulette where the house edge is as high as 5.26%. Players can quickly get comfortable with the basic bets and move onto more complicated bets and increase their chances of winning in the long run.

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