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Roulette is a popular casino game that has a set of rules that are totally different to alot of other games. As such, roulette is not exactly a game that players can expect to be profitable with in the long term. This is one of the games in the casino that players play based on chance, a bit of pot luck with the chance to win big amounts of cash. Players need to try and understand that there is really no strategy to roulette and in the end the house always wins. The way that the wheel and the payouts are structured mean that the house has a major edge with every single spin that is made. Players can actually help themselves by using some basic strategies, but these are generally just useful when it comes to the short term.

  • Players that are playing roulette can take advantage of the surrender option. This option is not the same as it is in blackjack though. Players can bet on the outside bets, but if the ball manages to find zero, then the player will just lose half of their initial wager. The house relies on zero to give it its house edge, but giving players half their bet back reduces the chances of the house winning overall. Players can win smaller amounts but the risk is much smaller as well.
  • Players need to understand that there are two different types of roulette tables available in most casinos. There are tables that incorporate the single zero, but also tables that have a double zero. The American style wheel is the one that features the double zero and the European style table is the one that features the single zero. Think about this though; there are huge differences in the house edge. On the American table, the extra (double zero) number increase the house edge to 5.26%. This is fairly large, considering the house edge on the European wheel is just 2.7%. Obviously this means that if there is a European roulette wheel present, it would be a wise decision to use that in comparison to the American wheel. Most online and land based casinos have two different wheels, giving people the option to play either – play the one with the lowest house edge!
  • Some European roulette tables work on an En Prison rule. This means if the ball lands on the Zero, then the bet is basically put into prison. The wheel will spin again and if the wheel lands on the right colour, the bet is returned, but it is not doubled. This actually helps players as alot of casinos will simply take the bet away when the ball lands on zero.

There are alot of people that still believe that there is a strategy that can help to profit in roulette. One thing that alot of people tend to believe is that probability and statistics come into play. The reality is that this is certainly not the case. If this game was based on the things mentioned above, then there would be hundreds of profitable systems in play today and casinos would not be able to afford to stay open. The only statistics that are true of roulette are that players have a better chance of winning on black for instance, in comparison to one number such as 23, simply because there are more numbers. It does not matter how many times numbers, colours etc come in, each time the wheel spins, the odds and statistics are reset, which is why there is really know way to determine which numbers or colours will come up next.

One thing to bear in mind at all times is that American roulette is certainly the one to avoid if there is the European option available. The reality is that players have a much better chance of winning using European roulette thanks to the fact that there is one less number.

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