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Poker is considered to be one of those games where strategy really does come into play. Before players start playing poker, they need to carefully select the type of game that they would like to play. Players that have experience with certain areas of poker are much more likely to profitable in the long run, which means they should always stick to that type of poker. There are several strategies that players put into place to try and be profitable.

Video poker is a game that is not a game that is played versus other players, but it still does require some strategy if players are going to be successful. The computer system that the player is playing against is the house, so it will always have the advantage. The problem with this game is that the house edge can not be decreased at all, regardless of the strategies that are put into place. The computer system is random, so any type of strategy will not reduce the house edge, but it may allow the player to pick up some wins.

Generally, Jacks or Better and the five card draw are among some of the best games for people that have little experience with video poker. Players will quickly become used to the ways they can play and how they can make money by starting with these games.

The first thing to do is to ensure that the machine that is being picked is the correct one. Different machines will have different bet values available, so low stakes players need to look for low stakes machines and visa versa. Betting the maximum in terms of coins gives players the best chance of picking up wins and knowing the table odds on hands is extremely important. Jackpots will only be paid out to those that bet the right amounts, so it is important to know what bet setup is needed.

Jackpots are on all different types of video poker machines. Video poker machines that offer one cent bets will have them, but machines that offer fifty dollar bets for instance, may also have a progressive jackpot. Betting the minimum is certainly not a wise idea as players will not be able to achieve the jackpot. Remember that video poker machines are extremely random, so strategies may help slightly, but the house will always have the edge over the player.

Picking the machine is just the start of this journey. Once the machine has been chosen, players need to decide exactly how they are going to play. They need to decide how long they will play, how much they are going to put up as a bank roll and stick to it. When five cards are dealt, this is the point where the strategy really comes into play.

Two of the most well known games when it comes to video poker are Jacks or Better and Dueces wild. Online casinos and online players love these games and more and more people are playing them. Dueces is a strange game as 2’s are wild cards and the Joker is also a wild card which can help players win. There are different strategies related to both that will help people succeed. Some tips have been listed below, although they are generally suited to newer players rather than experienced ones.

Jacks or Better

  • Hands that should always be kept include a Royal Flush, a Straight, Four of a Kind and of course; a Full House.
  • If four cards are already present towards getting a Royal Flush, then draw another card to try and complete the hand.
  • Players that have four cards for a straight flush should try and replace one of the cards.
  • Players that have three cards to the hands mentioned above or three of a kind should draw two cards to complete a better hand.
  • Players that have a flush draw should draw one card and the same goes for players with two pair.
  • Draw three cards if the hand is two high cards or one pair
  • If there are five random cards keep the highest and draw four more cards.

Deuces Wild

  • Any player that has a winning hand should always hold it and not draw if it is a paying hand.
  • Draw one card if the hand is four cards towards a straight or to a royal flush.
  • Three cards to a royal flush will require two cards to be drawn.
  • When two pair occurs, one pair should be junked and three cards should be drawn.
  • Players with four card deuce royal should draw just one card and the same if they have the same for a straight as well.
  • A winning hand that has a duece should be held.
  • Hands containing three dueces need to exchange two cards.
  • Keep dueces and trade out the rest of the cards.

Jokers Wild

  • Kings and aces are the only cards that are considered to be high in this game. This means players will need to obtain kings to win.
  • Joker cards should never be junked
  • Inside straights are not hands that are likely to produce good winnings, so a new hand will be needed.
  • Straight flushes pay well in comparison to other hands.

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